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We have been responsible for millions of flight hours over the last 2 decades. And while we strive to learn everyday, chances are we have experienced what lies ahead for you. Our expertise takes the stress and guesswork out of your aviation experience, and leaves only the enjoyment.

We understand where you desire to arrive – allow us to set up the flight plan to get you there. We have experience setting up fuel contracts, insurance, hangarage agreements, reporting, maintenance coordination, FAA oversight, etc., as well as hiring pilots to enhance your ownership experience. .

As your fiduciary, there is no agenda other than to protect you and your asset….period. This includes all aspects of operating an aircraft: maintenance, pilots, and all of the behind the scenes items, so all that is left is you enjoying your aircraft.

We can show you where the pitfalls of ownership are, and there are many. Allow our decades of experience to guide you. Just like pilots are good at flying, we are good at anticipating your needs regarding your aircraft.

It’s a matter of focus and attention. While others are chasing revenue generation, we are looking to add value to your ownership experience.

As there are different segments of flight, there are different seasons in life. We understand your needs change and we will change alongside you.

Turbine to piston…we have you covered.

Yes. We partner with key organizations in the industry that have the same values that we hold. We would be honored to work with you through these experiences.

Take our assessment and allow that to guide a conversation with a Chief Aviation Officer today.

Yes, we do offer specialized consultation….no task too big or too small. We are here to serve. Just give us a call at (317)643-1933

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