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Casey J. Blake
Founder / CEO


Aviation runs deep in the Blake family dating back to the early 1900’s, including a World War I fighter Ace, a grandfather who was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, and his father who received his pilots license at the age of 16 in the state of Indiana.

As a graduate of Purdue University School of Aviation Management, Casey has two decades of extensive leadership experience in nearly every facet of the private aviation industry, including fractional ownership, whole aircraft ownership, jet cards, chartering, acquisitions and brokerage.

Casey is a passionate and energetic executive leader with broad relationships that allow him to guide individuals and companies through the ins and outs of all things private aviation. His proven ability to drive results and align team members in pursuit of exceeding expectations has positioned him to overcome difficult and complex business situations.

Casey is passionate about his faith, his loving wife, their four children and all things aviation – all while enjoying the occasional round of golf.

Heather Huitt
Aviation Officer

Flight has intrigued Heather since she was a little girl growing up in a small Missouri farm town. As soon as the opportunity presented itself in college to get in the air, Heather pursued skydiving. She packed student parachutes to afford to skydive – logging over 700 jumps and obtaining a D-License and Jumpmaster rating.

As a graduate with a master’s degree in Aviation Safety, Heather began working in aviation law dealing with transactions of business jets as well as FAA enforcement and Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) research. She received her pilot’s license and became a commercial pilot with an instrument rating during this time.

Heather then had an opportunity to work directly with clients flying privately. She enjoyed interacting with and serving clients at the airport by providing a high level of service to ensure their whole trip was exceptional.

Outside of aviation, Heather loves to spend time with her three children and is active with her horses and dogs.